About us

KUKHANYA SECURITY has initially been established to supply clients with effective Physical Security, Investigations and Loss Control Services, also specialized monitoring and installation of Electronic Security Equipment.
On tremendous success we established a guarding services division that is functioning in a different manner than any other standard guarding supplier.


To be the best supplier in the Private Security Industry, and to be a force to be reckoned with improving Kukhanya’s image to the extent that Kukhanya is recognized as the best security services company available by:

  • Providing security services with high levels of quality and professionalism which are effective and efficient.
  • Ensuring that our security services exceed clients’s expectations.
  • Encouraging a learning culture within our offices and working environment.


  • “Integrity,” by supplying a pro-active and cost effective total security solution to our clientele.
  • Kukhanya Security Services strive to:
  • Serve and Protect
  • Eradicate unemployment by creating jobs for the Previously Disadvantaged Communities
  • Provide means of sustainable employment and restore the dignity of the disadvantaged.

Systems & Procedures

  • Existing security procedures e.g access control & search documentation etc.
  • Purchasing
  • Goods Receiving
  • Dispatch
  • Stores
  • Work in progress
  • Vehicle assets control
  • Protection of information